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Evoluto combines a Peak Analogue® driving experience with exceptional design, state-of-the-art technology, and indulgent luxury all brought together through an OEM standard engineering programme.

The 355 by Evoluto® is engineered to offer an extraordinary blend of increased performance and 21st century reliability. The soul of the car is the naturally aspirated flat plane crank V8 engine, now delivering an impressive 420hp, revving up to 8,500rpm. With over 200 new and redesigned engine components, the thoroughly reworked powertrain provides increased power, response and 21st century reliability.

Design & Artistry

For customers looking to put their own stamp on the 355 by Evoluto®, endless possibilities for personalisation are available. Customers are invited to take a unique personal commissioning journey, from selecting distinguishing details to custom paint and interior options. The Evoluto® design team offers endless possibilities to create a true one-of-a-kind commission.

The interior and exterior of the 355 by Evoluto® is created by famed design team at CALLUM Designs. True to the original ethos of the iconic Italian supercar, the exterior design is a balanced expression of power and beauty, integrating the heritage of the classic Ferrari 355 while showcasing proportions suggestive of a modern interpretation of the icon supercar.

Optimised Weight & Handling

With a target weight of 1250kg, the 355 by Evoluto® promises exceptional agility and responsiveness. Each donor Ferrari 355 is subject to extensive strengthening of the chassis through strategic application of carbon bracing and fusing in key areas of the platform. Additionally, the carbon fibre body panels significantly reduce weight while enhancing stiffness, contributing to the 23% improvement in torsional rigidity. The material choice ensures hard points critical to the vehicle’s dynamics and suspension tuning are improved for enhanced handling and stability.

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